My Currys Shopping Experience


11 September 2012

This is the story of the appalling treatment I have received from Currys, part of the Dixons Stores Group (DSG Retail Limited). DSG Retail are the parent company of four major high street chains - Currys, Dixons, PC World and The Link and their repairer Mastercare. That makes DSG one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom.  

This information is provided as a resource for other unwary consumers being unfairly treated by rogue retailers.

In brief

This is the story of my Sony television, purchased in October 2000 at Currys in London. In August 2001 (ie 10 months), it was faulty. Mastercare (Currys repairers) took 6 weeks to decide they couldn't fix it. 

Currys then offered me a credit note for the original purchase price. The only trouble is that my set had been discontinued and the equivalent Sony set was now 150 more expensive. My Sony warranty says 'repair or replace' and there was no way I was going to pay more money for the replacement of my television. 

This is what ensued.

It took 266 days from the time the TV was collected to repair until Currys defeat in the Shoreditch County Court.

Currys never stopped to call me and say 'can we sort this out ?'.

This is how Currys treat their customers. Would you purchase anything from them ? You decide.

It is quite apparent that DSG Retail do not have a procedure for dealing with customer problems.

Also note that Sony offered no assistance whatsoever to resolve this issue. They wiped their hands of it. So if you think you can rely on the support of a 'reputable' manufacturer like Sony, forget it.

All of the original documents in this case are presented on this site. The only editing done has been to protect private information.

Many of these documents are public records as they have been lodged with the County Court.

I hope this is a useful guide to other customers to suffer the misfortune of rogue retailers.

Currys argument in Court was that I was not entitled to 'betterment'. I was not seeking a better TV, simply a replacement. Obsolescence, in this case, is not my problem.

The tragic irony is, that after the victory, the TV I had suggested as a replacement cost just 8 pence more than the original.

I only ever wanted a replacement for my broken TV. It's not Currys fault it broke down.

To date, I have never received an apology from Currys for their appalling treatment. Until that arrives, this page stays.

I would be pleased (or disappointed !) to hear of other sad stories at the hands of DSG Retail   Click here to mail me


Adam Wawn 


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