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My Currys Shopping Experience


24 May 2005

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What happened Date Days elapsed
Natwest Bank, my credit card provider are liable under the Consumer Credit Act for the retailers actions. So, I write to Natwest (after a few calls), asking them to pressure Currys. 12 October 2001 57
Natwest Bank were giving me the run around. I followed it up. Apparently, Currys ignored Natwest too.   18 October 2001 63
Dixon's ambiguously write back, dated 5 October and I got it on 19 October. It was posted 17 October. They tell me that they can replace my Sony TV with a Panasonic or a JVC. NO THANK YOU ! 17 October 2001 62

Have they had enough time ?

I have now had enough of this and so this is now going to court.

Statement of claim No SD102399 in the Shoreditch County Court.

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14 November 2001 90
Shoreditch County Court write back to advise that the Summons has been issued. 20 November 2001 96
Currys acknowledge the summons
(the document is too faint to copy)
29 November 2001 105
Shoreditch County Court advise that Currys have lodged a defence 20 December 2001 126
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20 December 2001 126
FINALLY, Currys seem to respond to my point. They actually have a 'Litigation Department' ! It has taken a court summons to get them to take any notice of me. They offer 'in the spirit of compromise' to meet me 'halfway'. So, they expect me to pay 74 to replace my TV ..... no way ! 20 December 2001 126
I write to Dixon's Litigation people 'no thanks'. This is the minimum I will accept. 20 December 2001 126
I write to Sony asking for all evidence relevant to this case. 31 December 2001 137
I write to Natwest asking for all evidence relating to this case. 31 December 2001 137

This is a questionnaire from the Shoreditch County Court, used to determined how the case will be managed. The next stage will be the case will be listed for hearing or trial.

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3 January 2002 140
I send a copy of the Allocation Questionnaire to Currys 3 January 2002 140
Sony say we'll get back to you with the evidence 3 January 2002 140
Sony offer the evidence in their possession:

Their letter
CRM printout
Specifications of the KV28FX20U (my old TV)
Specifications of the KV28LS35 (the current model)

Quite useless really, and they have not provided a statement of truth.

11 January 2002 148
So, now finally Currys send back a letter, apparently begrudgingly offering a demonstration television and squabbling over 5 of postage. Page 2. These people have no idea how to treat a customer. 11 January 2002 148
Quite unimpressed with their tone, I let them know I will take their demo television. Page 2. As for the rest of it, they can jolly well foot the bill for some of the costs they have caused. 16 January 2002 153

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